Frightful Realities of the Civil War

Mercury for medicine, unseen assassins, and wild hog attacks...Sometimes real life is more chilling than a horror movie.

Tejano Heroes of the Texas Revolution

There may be no better illustration of the complexity of the Texas Revolution than the stories of the Tejanos who fought on both sides. 

Civil War Soldiers’ Encounters with Nature (in Their Own Words)

Between camping, marching and battle, Civil War soldiers had plenty of contact with the natural world. Learn about 5 head-tilting ways the natural world touched soldiers lives' during the Civil War.

A Numerical Sketch of the War of 1812

The War of 1812 wasn’t just a war of conflicting interests — it was a clash of worldviews and cultures. In fact, the fundamentally divergent perspectives and goals of the major players help explain why, more than two centuries later, historians still struggle to say who won. The numbers alone tell an interesting story. 

Brands of the Civil War

Sure, you know that household names like DuPont, American Express and Brooks Brothers have been around forever – but did you know that each of these companies played an active part in the American Civil War? All three brands had complex interests and allegiances. All three lent support to the Union in America's greatest conflict. Here's a head-tilting story about each, courtesy of research by James M. Schmidt.

Six Idealists Who Came to America to Fight for Freedom

Even before American independence, some individuals were drawn across the Atlantic and onto the front lines of the American Revolution to fight for these ideals. Here are six brave souls, whose decision to leave their home lands and fight for the Patriot cause made them American heroes.

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